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You have a family energy field!


I discovered our family field of energy yesterday. Now it was there already, it's just that I never thought about it before, I never thought that we could have a morphogenic field of energy for our family, and yesterday that became evident to me. I was out on my walk on the beach, and I was sending my grandson some energy, very specific energy, almost like a prayer. Think of it kind of like a prayer, because there was a specific situation in his life that I was addressing prayerfully and energetically. So I was sending the energy to James and thinking about him, and then I thought, “Well, I'm gonna do that for my granddaughter for little Luna”, and as I was working with Luna, I literally started - even though I was walking on the beach - I literally started working with her energy field, and she's little and I knew she was asleep, so it was just like really cute thinking about her and sending her some energy and praying for her as well. 


Well, all of a sudden when I was working with Luna and I was complete working with her, the field expanded, and the next thing I know it's James' energy and Luna's energy. Both of my grandchildren are in this field and I thought, well, that's really cool. Then I decided I wanted to send some to Tori. So all of a sudden Tori's energy showed up right there, and I had like a triangle, and Tori's energy was on the front side of them, if you will. So I was working with Tori, and realizing that as I was working with her energy, the energy was going to this entire field, to this entire family field or morphogenic field, which was really cool. Then before I know it, her brother shows up, who's in New York City. Of course, I'm in South Florida, the kids and Tori are in Dallas, Chad's in New York City, and all of a sudden the field has gotten much bigger because her big brother is here and that was really great. So I started working with the energy of Chad and of course sending a prayer to him as well. Then the children's father comes in, Carlos, so it's bigger yet and I was like, “This is so cool that we have this family field of energy.”


So I was walking along the beach and my arms are pretty big right now, and the people have gotten used to me; people used to walk way around me when they’d come up to me and now they're used to me because I'm working with the energies all the time. So they know that that's kind of what's going on, or at least they ignore me. Then I'm thinking about how lovely it is to have this family field and Jim appears, my beautiful husband who has crossed over, Jim, was behind Tori, the kids, and Chad. So he was like on the front, if you will, because I'm walking this way, so he was on the front of it, and he was higher, his energetic position was higher than Tori and the kids, so that was really cool. I was like “Jim, I'm so glad you're here! Wow, this really is our family”, and I had this sense of this encompassing energetic field around us. Then moments later, my mother and father, I'm aware of their energy, and my father's behind my right shoulder and my mother's behind my left and the whole thing expanded out behind me, then of course it included me even more. It's not like I was just at the edge of it; it extended out to my mother and father, who have also crossed over to the other side, and me, and Tori, both of her children, and Carlos, and then my husband, Jim. It was magnificent. 

So I was walking along the beach, fully grounded because I was, you know, in the energy of the water, in the energy of the earth, in the fire energy of the sun; I was very much grounded in my body having this experience, of this energetic family field, and I like to call it a morphogenic field, meaning we would have created it. So I'm gonna make the statement that you have a family field energy field, and you might want to have an opportunity to send energy to that or to just start to feel it. What does it feel like? What does it feel like for you to be a part of it? What does it feel like to pray into it? What does it feel like simply to send energy to the whole thing? And my experience, based on my experience discovering mine, is that we are not limited to who's right here on the planet. Now that this morphogenic energetic family field transcends time and space. So know that it doesn't matter where they live, or how far away they are from you, or even if they're in another dimension, or if they're in heaven (If you want to think about heaven on earth, however that works in your belief system). I just want you to know that I am really excited that I discovered ours and I'm going to work with it again today. I'm really excited to see now that I have an awareness of it, what other cool things I can do with it. So I invite you to start to explore your family energy field and see what beautiful gifts that brings to you.

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