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2024 Incoming Energies


Happy New Year everyone. This is Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where everything is energy and man are the energies wild at the beginning of this year, 2024, and as we pass through the 123-123 portal into this new year and these new energies followed up by a massive X solar flare, X class solar flare, I mean, the energies are unbelievable. Last night I was at dinner with friends and I literally had an electrical current go through my body from top down and bottom back up to the place where I thought, “you know what, I wonder if this is what it feels like in 3D when you have a complete energetic shutdown”, I felt like, literally, an electrical current shot all the way through me into the ground and back up, more like a struck by lightning, and it did affect my nervous system and all of my organs, especially my heart and it was fascinating as an Energy Master. I was, you know, that my human body was having all of the experiences and the symptoms, and the Energy...

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