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Unite the Light


There are so many of us raising the collective consciousness to peaceful co-existence. You know, that's my mission.

I want to tell you about Unite the Light:

It is a wonderful movement that has begun, and it's off-grid.

Bring your light, bring your joy, bring it to the planet.

They're inviting us to do it at 5am and 5pm every day, Greenwich Mean Time. Use a timezone converter to support you.

I know for me on the East Coast of the United States, that is 1pm and 1am. I can tell you, my bringing the light will happen during sleep and good intentions at 1am. At 1pm, I absolutely will be bringing my light to the collective; I'm going to use my words here, I will bring be bringing my light energy and exuding that radiance into the collective consciousness, thereby raising the collective consciousness.

I love the concept of this!

Please go to their website and read what they've done. It's beautifully written its masterfully orchestrated, and the word is being spread.

Any of us that have seen this, I'm sure, are deeply touched by this work--by the idea and by the generosity of the two founders of this.

They actually talk about the old 1%, and that this is going to shift into (I'm going to use their words) the "new oneness percent", just when our world needs it the most.

I've spoken about this shift for years now; what I call the shift in consciousness. And those are the words that Jesus used with me in the channeling that I did with him about this.

I would say to Jesus, "it's gonna take forever for us to get everybody" and he said, "No, it doesn't take everybody. It only takes enough of you to create the shift, and the rest will come with you."

So this is a beautiful opportunity for you to see how these beautiful women are bringing this to our world and in a way that we can contribute simultaneously, which in itself will have a bigger impact.

Can you imagine the surge of energy coming into the collective consciousness every day at the same time? It's a beautiful idea.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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