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Dream States


This whole dreaming thing.

Our higher selves do work while we are asleep. They do.

Now, you may remember the dreams, and you may not. And even if you don't remember them with your human brain, know that it doesn't matter, because you still did the work. You still processed energies that were in your body, or it may be that you processed those energies for the collective consciousness.

And trust me, if you are here, as a person that wants to make a difference in our world today, someone that wants to support humanity in the shift, you are a vessel for this work.

Because as we improve our own situations, and as we increase our own frequency as we do the work, we contribute to the collective. Your soul (or your higher self) is here doing the work in your meat sack, as you showed up in this incarnation. This is one common way for the human being to process information and process energy while we're asleep. Why? Because your subconscious is available.

While you're sound asleep, your brain goes "offline". And guess what? Your subconscious and all of those experiences get to come right up and come out to play. Now, it may not seem like play, it may seem like work. It just depends on what you're processing. The thing is, they can also be wonderful dreams.

After my brother was killed in a car accident almost 40 years ago, I had beautiful dreams with my brother. He would come to me while I was dreaming, and I got to have wonderful experiences with him from the other side in a dream state. They were so powerful and calming and comforting and reassuring.

I've also had dream states where I was a warrior in ancient Scotland and I literally had a sword go through my eye. So there are some dreams that aren't so pleasant, right? I mean, I literally had that happen. And as you may know, I often talk about the "Quantum Now". And if all things are happening in this present moment, that experience from 400 A.D. felt like it was right now. I also healed the pain that I had in my eye in this Quantum Now moment.

I know that's really out there. And it's still part of my experience. So what I'm saying to you is, if you are having some really unexplainable or crazy things happen while you're dreaming, or if you wake up, and it seems like you have totally been somewhere else... well, you probably have.

And if you remember it, you can process it consciously. If you don't remember it, it doesn't matter, because again, you still did the work. Your eternal essential self showed up and was able to use your third dimension incarnation to do this work for you and for mankind.

So be an open, willing vessel.

Now, if you find it's too much, and you're not sleeping well or you're remembering too much, and if you're not comfortable with that yet, you can ask it to stop. It's your experience. It's your life. It's your higher self. So you can say "I am done for now, can we cut this off, I need to sleep better". And then when you're willing again, you can open yourself back up to the work.

It is work. It's powerful work, and it's work for humanity.

So I invite you to consider it. And I invite you to step away from any fear that you've had around it (because you are in a dream state). It is not happening to you at this moment (even though it feels like it), and you can process that shadow material. You have the capacity to process this shadow, otherwise, it wouldn't be coming up.

Understand that. Embrace that. Process the shadow because it'll support you and the greater good of humanity.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion, where Everything is Energy.

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