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We are attached.

We are human beings. We are attached to people, places, things, ideas, memories--you know how that goes! It's part of the human condition.

Being attached is part of how we stay alive, especially when you think about it as a species and being together as a tribe. We have tribal ways and we become attached to those.

We have people that matter more--we become attached to those. We have ways of being or thinking and we become very attached to those. Think about beliefs, and how attached we get to those, and how they literally can run our lives.

I want to talk about attachments in a way that's holding me back.

Now, the way I want to talk about this is if I'm attached to something, and I'm not sure what it is, but I'm feeling resistance or being held back in some way, I might literally just start cutting in my field.

Now in the video from last week we talked about cutting cords, and we went through QEI etiquette and hygiene and how we work to cut cords and things that are attached to us that we don't want attached.

So when I'm working with an attachment, and I don't know exactly what it is, I literally just start chopping through my field and say "I release any attachment that no longer serves me."

Now, that's a very general way to work with that.

As most of you know, my husband's in hospice right now, and he's at the end stages of life. We expected him to be in hospice about five days. He's now been in hospice for five weeks.

We are exploring the attachments that we still have that is keeping him alive on the planet, when all of his physical systems could totally be shut down by now. He is still very much alive with his brain working.

So Jim and I are using this opportunity to cut any attachments that we have to each other, as we discussed last week with the cords.

When we already cut all of those attachments, we said "well, what are we attached to in our lives that is enough to make Jim want to stay alive in a body that is paralyzed when there's very little quality of life associated with it?"

So we started working together; I sat on the bed with him and we shared our auric field. We just started chopping, like I was talking about, to any attachments that we thought were still between us.

Remember, we have children between us, we have grandchildren between us, we have friends between us, we have music that we love between us, we have memories between us--you see how this can go on and on?

We have belief systems between us about what do we believe about raising a family? What do we believe about a faith tradition? Can you see that there's no end to the attachments that we have?

So there's a distinction here between attachment and detachment and non-attachment.

The Buddha would talk about not being attached. Of course, being attached as part of the human condition. Detaching is also part of the human condition, because sometimes it's time to detach from certain things.

There's also this discernment with non-attachment where we can have things in our lives and we can choose to not be attached to them in an unhealthy way. That means we might not be attached to the outcome of something, we might not be attached to how someone else acts because it does happen to be their life, we might not be attached to the fact that somebody just made a mistake and delivered me the wrong groceries.

Can you see--even down to very simple things like that, from the small things to the large, we can choose to be non-attached, therefore having a freedom in our experience, because if we were attached to it, we don't let that thing bother us or get to us.

So having made that distinction, Jim and I were definitely detaching from things that were attached to us. We decided what did we need to be non-attached about. Jim said very openly and very surprised "I think I have not totally detached from my body yet. I don't think I realize that I'm actually going to be leaving my body. So I'm going to cut the attachment that I have to my body."

I thought that was really beautiful.

Now, it sounds obvious that you thought if you are near death, or you were dying, that you would give up your body, but some part of him was still attached to his body.

I really honored that he had that awareness.

We continued this process the next day. I had the awareness that I had to detach from this idea that I wanted my husband to not be a prisoner in his body. My hope was that Jim could be freed from his body because his mind is working. He's ready to cross over, and he's ready to bring this incarnation to a close.

He has not yet crossed over, and it's almost become frustrating. Especially for me, because I want him to be free. It's not about me, or if he gets to still be here for me, it's about him being free.

I cut that attachment--that it mattered what I thought if he was a prisoner in his body or not. Even as loving as it sounded, I wanted my husband to be free; it's still an attachment. It's a belief.

I now am in a state of non-attachment about when Jim chooses to go. I have now released myself from this thought that my husband had to be a prisoner in his body--I don't get to be attached to that anymore. I am in a complete state of non-attachment.

So I invite you to take a look at your life. What attachments can you cut? What awareness does that bring up for you? It's been a beautiful lesson.

I could give you five or six more examples, except we're done here. I want you to come up with your own examples and how that sets you free, because it is a feeling of freedom when we have detached from something that no longer serves us and we choose to live in a space of non-attachment.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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