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How to Create Calm and Reduce Stress in the New Normal:  3 Techniques to Shift Your Energy


Meet Connie, Your Instructor

Connie Kean is a cutting-edge Energy Practitioner, teacher, and speaker with over 40 years of experience and a history of life-changing successes in transformational energy work for her clients and students.

Connie created Quantum Energy Infusion to teach students to engage with the Quantum Field transforming their life with Its Intelligence, Vitality, and Power.


You're a Student of Life...

and are ready for your next step in this amazing journey. We are glad you're here, and can't wait to help you unleash the power of your own energy!

Quantum Energy Infusion is an educational platform specializing in instructing energy students on practical techniques that clear, equalize and strengthen their energy, so they can experience life, as it comes, in the present moment. 

" I feel like super woman!!! I feel as if the brain fog has been lifted and my body is alive! Now, with clarity, I feel my full energy, mind, body and spirit. Literally, to experience such speed in dissolving old thought energies that no longer serve me is amazing! And to have proof of the dissolved emotion by not being triggered is a true relief! Thank you for these easy to use active energy tools. Since participating in Connie Keanʼs Quantum Energy Infusion Course, I now feel centered and aligned in all situations! "

Pippi Ardennia

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"The transformation I experienced from integrating these tools into my life is nothing short of amazing. The energy tools and technologies I learned in Quantum Energy Infusion are practical and easy to implement. They help you stay centered, grounded, and aligned.  The transformation I experienced from integrating these tools into my life is nothing short of amazing.   I experience heart-openings on a daily basis!"

Kathryn Eriksen
Money Mindset Coach,

How to Create Calm and Reduce Stress in the New Normal: 3 Techniques to Shift Your Energy

These videos use 3 energy techniques that:

1. Awaken your aura so that it can shield you from stressful, lower vibrating energies.
2. Release fear and toxic emotions to reduce stress.
3. Keep your energy flowing freely through your body feeding your organs for a calmer and healthier you!

They’re fun, easy, and effective!

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"This class has been a great blessing in my life. Quantum Energy Infusion has given me the tools to navigate my energy at any moment of my life.  This class has been a great blessing in my life as I now get to use these movements to bring myself back into alignment.  A beautiful tool in self-mastery.  Thank you Connie Kean for your time and energy."

Stacie Hart
Moments by Hart Photograpy

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