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Your Brain on Energy

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2022

We are going to talk about energy; alpha and theta frequency brainwaves; and, how higher dimensional energies are affecting the state of my brainwaves.

A week ago, Sunday, I had an initiation into what I now know are ninth dimensional energies. My Guides were there; they facilitated it; and, they were with me the whole time. I did not know at the time they were in the Ninth Dimension, I just knew they were completely different than anything I'd ever experienced before.

It happened when I was done balancing my chakras. At the end when I was in a meditative state, and very open, this frequency came in. Not only did it come in, it settled into my body. Fortunately, my guides worked with me as all this energy was coming into me so that I could embody this really high-frequency energy. Last night, our Mastermind with the Quantum Energy Infusion Consultants met and we had our group energy session. We worked with these new energies: the Diamond Light energies; the Ninth Dimensional frequencies; and, the Seventh Dimensional frequencies that are coming in as a result of this latest portal that we have been through.

We worked with them ourselves, and we engaged with them - with each other. Then we body tested to find out what dimensional energies they were. It was really a great experience with all of us very curious. We were very willing and ready to work with these new frequencies and see what it meant for us to embody them. That was the first part.

The second part is about Theta frequency brainwaves, I am finding that when I am in this Ninth Dimensional frequency and energy, my brain goes into Theta waves. In Dr. Joe Dispenza's book, Becoming Supernatural, we're going to learn a little bit about that state. This book came out in 2017. I was so excited to read it. I told Jim that Dr. Dispenza was talking about everything we teach in Quantum Energy Infusion! And how beautiful it was for me to see these truths that I was teaching being demonstrated in his book. I admire Dr. Dispenza's incredible intelligence and his way of fusing all of these different disciplines together, and then working with institutions that could actually measure it all and bring us data! For those reasons, this is one of my favorite books.

We're back to Theta frequency brainwaves. Here's the chart from page 53 of his book that shows the brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. You've seen charts like this before, and If you've studied meditation, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

The Beta waves are what we normally experience in day to day life and there's different levels of those. The Alpha state is when we are more relaxed or calm or creative, more inwardly directed.

"The Theta frequency brainwaves take over in that twilight stage when your mind is still awake, but your body's falling and drifting off to sleep. This frequency is also associated with deep states of meditation." That is on page 52 of Becoming Supernatural. Thank you, Dr. Dispenza.

This Theta wave is the one when we feel when we're falling asleep or we're drifting off to sleep. Our biggest complaint in Quantum Energy Infusion is, "Why do I feel so tired?" And along the same lines, "Why do I feel like my brain won't come online? Why do I feel like I'm going to trip and I have to stay really focused? Why can't I remember what I did an hour ago?"

I find that my brain goes into these Theta frequency brainwaves when I am working with this Ninth Dimensional Energy. My brain goes into this beautiful white light, and all the noise falls away. I am simply in that state where I am One-with-The-Energy and still in my body.

This is the thing my guides are telling me - that we must stay in our bodies! We are to embody these newer, higher-dimensional frequencies and to be able to walk the earth with them. Yeah, that's a big ask! Especially when we're so used to having our brain run the show. Well, learning how to embody these and to be able to function well in these slower beautiful brainwaves, very coherent brainwaves, is a challenge for a lot of us.

This is my next new experience. I am really excited about working especially with Seventh Dimensional and Ninth Dimensional energies. I've been working with Fifth Dimensional energies for decades. This is really fun for these new ones to be coming in. I've also been channeling Eighth and Ninth Dimensional Galactic Beings for a year and a half. Which means I've been in those frequencies when I'm channeling; however, I have not been in them actively as an energy practitioner until the last 11 days.

This is my next great point of expansion. And I'm so excited it's happening. Now our consultants are aware of this, and they're working with it as well. We can bring these energies also into our other programs. So I wanted you all to know about that.

This is big, and it's new. It's a function of this last 11/11 portal and all of these frequencies  with that full lunar eclipse. My initiation happened the Sunday before that eclipse on a Tuesday. We are ripe and ready for these frequencies. It's not like they come in, and then they leave, they come in and they're here to stay.

This is the next state of evolution for us. So when you're feeling tired or like you're gonna fall off to sleep, and you're wondering, What the heck is wrong with me? Maybe you just went into Theta frequency brainwaves. That's a good thing! Now you get to learn how to live and function and still embody that beautiful wave in that beautiful state of your mind.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where Everything is Energy!

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