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Spider Energy


My family has been visiting. I've been making a lot of videos for social media, but not a lot of vlogs, I'm back!

So my family has been visiting; my 91 year old mother spent two months with me at the beach, and my daughter and her two children came to visit for a week, and then my son came to visit us for another week. So we've had four generations of family here visiting at the beach, and it's been glorious getting to share really special time together.

So the story I want to tell you is my seven year old grandson balances his chakras. Yeah, he knows how to do that! And we've been doing it since he was about four. James always wakes up really early, and I said, "Now look, I want your mom to be able to sleep in so when you're awake, you come knock on my door, okay, we'll have some special time together." "Okay, Nana!" So sure enough, the next morning, there was this little knock on my door and in he came with that sweet voice, "Good morning, Nana", and I was still in the middle of balancing my chakras and I said, "Hey, James, come on in and you can help me balance my chakras." He goes, "Okay!" So at that point, we were at the sixth and the second chakra, that's where he joined me.

So we were laying there, feeling the energy, and just being very comfortable in each other's energy, and then it was time for us to move to the to the third and the fifth chakra, and I was feeling some energy in my stomach, and I said, "You know, James, sometimes it feels like I have butterflies in my tummy when I do this." And I was just making a comment, and he goes, "Oh, Nana, I feel spiders!" and I said, "That is so cool! So you feel energy in there, too." And he goes, "Well, yeah, but I thought it was creepy at first because it was spiders, but if you're telling me it's energy, it's just spider energy!" And I said, "That's it exactly and you love Spider Man!" So we had this incredible conversation, with my sweet grandson, who was having his experience with the energy. And then we went to the heart chakra and of course we were able to talk about that, and the expanded feeling of love that we have while we're balancing all of our chakras, and especially concentrating on the heart chakra.

What a beautiful experience for me to have, to share in his innocence, and his awareness, and his understanding of the energy without fear. It was really beautiful to share that moment with him. Well, from then on. You can imagine he got up early and came in and we balanced our chakras every morning. That's how we began our days at the beach.

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