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I was struck dumb with grief

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2023

My mom made her transition this last week and I'm still here in her lovely home handling the details of a person's passing. Yeah, it's a lot. I mean there's things, I am executor of the state, so that goes to probate so we're going to appoint me, the executor, I didn't know I had to do that since I'm an only child. I just thought I was it and I would go write checks on her bank account or something, I didn't really think it through. So here I am in her in the energy of her lovely home, and I'm quite often finding myself grief stricken, and I'm calling it that. So when I was in the lawyer's office, and I had all of the paperwork, I gathered together all the papers they told me I needed to bring in, I brought him into the attorney's office, and I found my brain paralyzed. All of a sudden, I couldn't think of the answers to their questions, I couldn't think if I'd done it or not already, and I looked at her and I said, "I'm grief stricken. It has literally paralyzed my brain and struck me dumb." That was so weird for me to realize.

Now, the good news is, first of all, I acknowledged it, that's the good news, and I admitted that I wasn't okay. Then secondly, my decades of energy work sprang forth, and I said to her, "excuse me, I'm going to get up and this is the energy of grief, and I'm going to start working with this grief." So I started doing the quantum chop because you know, and I started walking around, I mean, I literally got up out of the chair and started walking around her office. So I could move this energy of grief that had paralyzed my brain. I was like, "This is not okay, that my brain has stopped working at a time when I really needed to work." So I did the karate chop and then I came down and I went ahead and worked this Governing Vessel point and the Central vessel point, I can feel that now activating my energy, and came back and I walked around and while I was at it, I did some infinity weaves because, I was really in a very difficult place with this grief and the way that it struck me dumb.

So when I was complete, I came back to her and I said, "Okay, would you ask me that question again? Because I really can't even remember what the question was." After she kind of got over what I did, and all of that stuff, she said, "Well, sure." And I was able to have brain function again. So that energy of grief, even though it struck me dumb, that energy of grief was not me. It was an energy and I got to work with it, and I got to process it, I got to acknowledge it and move it out. Then I could step back into the work that needed to be done, the work at hand, and believe me, there's a lot of that at hand this week that I've been working with.

So I just wanted to remind everybody that even at our hardest and darkest moments, there's still hope for functionality. Let me say this though, if you are grief stricken and you do not want to be functional, you want to stay in that grief and you want to process it, Absolutely. I have been doing that I have had moments where I was grief stricken at home alone, that I have been able to process it, I've been able to cry, I've been able to like hold it, cover up with a blanket of my mother's, I've been able to just walk around her house and let the energy of the house hug me. So there's moments where I'm grief stricken where I choose to be in that, feel it, and process it. Then there's time ,where it like in the attorney's office, when I kind of need to get my act together, and I was able to do that.

So I'm just inviting you to remember everything is energy, and if you're in a place where you still need to have function, whether it's brain function, or whatever it is that you're missing, or even if you're just tongue tied, and you need to take a moment to get your energy reorganized, it's okay to do that. Because sometimes life hits us with these things that we don't expect, and we have to somehow figure out how to put one foot in front of the next and in front of the next and take care of business.

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