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Happy & Healthy to Hospice in 5 seconds

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2023

From happy and healthy to hospice in five seconds. My beautiful, precious, vivacious, funny, intelligent mom collapsed this week. She was at a party with her friends, really having a wonderful time and was on her way out and collapsed. In the fall, she fractured her skull, and it was not a good prognosis. That was Maundy Thursday. I got on the first plane and flew up here on Friday, on Good Friday, spoke with the doctors and decided that it would be the best medical option to put my mother in hospice, because I wanted it between her and God. So on Easter Sunday, I was able to bring her home, to the energy of her home. This beautiful home that my mom and dad built 50 years ago, and they've lived in the energy of this home. They loved each other for 73 years, and if you followed me at all, you know that my father passed last year after this beautiful love affair for the ages and that my husband passed last year. This is the third person that I've been asked to put into hospice in 14 months.

The blessing is for my mother to be able to return to my father. The two of them deserve to be together, whether it's here or there, on the other side, and I'm so glad that Mom took a detour. Actually, her heart had stopped and there were two doctors at the party, and they gave her CPR and brought her back. I'm so glad that they did, because it gave me the opportunity, since mom was willing to take a detour on her way to Dad, she took a detour and stayed here another week so that I could adjust to what was happening. That I could have an extra week with her and bring her home to the energy of this gorgeous house that they built and the love and all of the love from their beautiful marriage and from me and my brother's life. So I'm in the energy of my childhood home, with my mother, being her caretaker.

She's been non responsive since the fall, and that's okay because she knows where she is because everything is energy, and last night, I was finally strong enough to cut the energetic cords between my mother and me. I wasn't ready to do it yet, but I was last night and if you also know me, you know that we practice energy hygiene and energy etiquette. It was really important for me to cut the energetic cords between me and my mom, to set her free so she can go join my father on the other side. 

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