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Chaos to Coherence


From Chaos to Coherence.

I'm still in my mother's beautiful home and I'm working with an estate sale company, there was the Galesburg Antique Mall Company actually here where I grew up in Galesburg, Illinois, and we're having a wonderful experience. Now, it is very chaotic as we are dissolving the estate. It is sheer chaos. Those are all photographs from the last about 90 years and look at this beautiful table. All of this chaos here, even though it's beautiful there, and the chaos around us that it's taking to pull this all together. So every room in the house has something that is unbelievably chaotic about it. Then as we go through and it works through and it becomes this beautiful display, I see it go from chaos to coherence. And if I'm willing to stay uncomfortable in that energy of chaos, the beauty comes through. So often I find myself wanting to not be uncomfortable and this has been a great lesson for me to live right through that instead.

We've had a visit from mom. She's letting us know how to do things which is so beautiful. So the veil is very thin and Laura, the owner of the Galesburg Antique Mall Company, showed up yesterday morning and she said, "Oh my gosh, this just happened and I'm so glad you're here because I can tell you about it!" Laura had been wondering how she was going to display a lot of mother's really beautiful pieces and mother literally came to her yesterday morning and Laura said "she just channeled it right into me Connie, exactly what I was supposed to do and told me how I was supposed to do it." I thought it was so terrific that Mom is in touch with us and staying in touch with us and staying a part of this whole effort as we dissolve and disperse they're beautiful home and all of the belongings that they have from around the world.

So it's just a reminder, you know, they're so close, those on the other side are so close and they may be tapping you on the shoulder. So be sure to listen! If you think you're getting a tap from a loved one who's passed away, you probably are. Go ahead, get centered, get grounded, and listen. See what message they have for you today.

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