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Burning Karma Big Time!

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2024

00:00 - A Week of Hell

I just spent a week walking through the fiery depths of hell. Have you ever felt like that? I mean, really, like the whole world is burning around you. I had a week like that. It's a long story, to make it really short. Those of you that follow me know I've moved to Dallas to be with my family, and I've been selling the condominiums in Florida where I lived. Well, I went back to Florida and had two QEI events. I got to do a book signing and I got to do an energy workshop for the women of Unity. I went back, I spent the week in the condo that used to be my office. And when I got there, the grief that surrounded me, it was like a waterfall. The grief of my loss of Jim and my parents and the life that we had built together was like I was drowning in grief. It was unbelievable. 

So, I'm using fire and I'm using water here very intentionally, those elements, because the fire that I was walking through when we were having all of these CMEs, the Coronal Mass Ejections and the X flares and it was like the atmosphere was on fire. And it was like I was on fire. I was incinerating this grief and sadness and loss of a dream and loss of that home that we built together. Grief is abiding, grief is with us, grief is ever-present and sometimes we're crying and sometimes we're not. And sometimes we're remembering joyfully and still, we have the capacity to remember with joy and still have grief. So that week was a week of me ‘'burning karma.' That was me burning karma around the loss of my family members and the loss of the dream that Jim and I created in that space in our slice of paradise that we called it. 

So in the midst of that, I still put on two professional events. I still got my work done. I still got to see some friends. I went to an annual meeting for our homeowners association. So how did I do that? When I was literally on fire for a week. I did it because I have the tools. I have the tools to bring myself into the present moment so that no matter what is happening, no matter how bad I feel, no matter if the world's on fire or not, I can get in touch with me, with my higher self, my quantum eternal self that always knows what's best for me. Yeah, it was quite a week. 

03:00 - Burn Karma, Burn

Burning karma. I was burning karma for me. I was resolving those karmic contracts that my husband and I had. I was burning karma with mom and dad, bringing to closure the soul contracts that I had with my father, the soul contract I had with my mother, and I was burning karma for the collective because there was so much fire in the atmosphere of the Earth that we and there continues to be, but especially that week, that I offered myself up. I offered my beingness up as a vessel to help burn the karma for humanity and especially womanhood around the loss of loved ones. It was a powerful week. I was able to have magical professional events, and I was able to literally transform myself. 

By the time I left a week later, I was not the same person that walked into that condominium to spend a week and to do a few business events. Don't be afraid of this stuff. It hurts. It's painful. And it's worth it. Because when you resolve that karma, when you go through the emotion and the lesson and the experience and you revisit it, probably for the last time, you resolve that karma, and it is complete. It's possible to do now. Our frequencies are high enough to do this kind of Quantum Energy Infusion where everything is energy

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