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Quantumize the light


Here's how to integrate the new light codes into your body

  1. Visualize
  2. Energize
  3. Quantumize

I don't know about you, but all of these high frequencies that are coming in, well, how about for the whole year, but especially, we're in December right now, that 12/12 portal blew my gaskets, and now it's December 18 and we're working, we're charging towards the solstice. So nothing's letting up anytime soon, with all these X class flares and all these ejections from the sun, and so many are coming straight at the Earth. Come on! So our Earth suits, our meat sacks, are freaking out because of all of these high frequencies that are coming in. Here's what I'm doing. 

This is how I am integrating these frequencies into my body and I'm using a very simple system I've created and it's three steps. Visualize, Energize, Quantumize. Here's what I do. Now I like to do this after I’ve balanced my chakras. So I'm in a meditative state, I am balanced energetically, and then I usually have my hands on my heart, and I visualize a point of light, one of these new light codes at the center of every one of my vertebrae. So I'm visualizing, like Christmas lights right down my spine, okay.

Then I energize that light; visualize, energize, and I put my hand on my crown and my other hand at the base of my spine, so that I'm sending energy, I'm sending energy up and down that spine. So I'm energizing those points of light. Then I imagined quamtumizing. Then I imagined every one of those points of light that's already in there because it's a light code, and I've energized it. Now it's exploding into like, 1000 Points of Light. So that light that was at the center of my vertebrae is now exploding out, so every bone cell of my vertebrae has a point of light in it, it has a light code in it. So think of the mitochondria, right, the energy engines of our cells. So that mitochondria, just imagine that, having a point of light in there. So you have just quantumized every one of your vertebrae. Think about that! Think of what a great way to integrate these new light codes. Well then, I visualize again, “well, what if it expanded out from my spine?” Then I energize that, so let's say I'm going to imagine it filling my chest and then I will energize that, and then I will quantumize, so that all of those points of light that were in there have just, each one of those has just exploded into 1000 points of light, and has become the mitochondria, the energy engine of each one of those cells and it's crystal in light. 

Y'all, we're going from carbon to crystalline. I mean, if you haven't already figured this out, you can figure it out right now and this is one of the easiest ways I have found to integrate these high frequency light codes into my meatsuit because you know, we're dense, soul vibrating energy and our body really gets to work at integrating these energies. So it's a simple system, visualize, energize, quantumize. You can do it with any part of your body. You could do it with your dog, you can do however you want, but do it for yourself, because this is such a simple, clean way to give your body an opportunity, along with your mind, and your energy, and your heart, right, and your intention; you bring those all into alignment and you are a powerhouse. You are a light station and imagine what you, being a quantumized human like that, can you imagine what you're sending out to the collective?

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where everything is energy

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