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Tony Robbins and Peak States

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2023

I took a Tony Robbins training this weekend, it was four days, called Unleash the Power Within. I had a wonderful time having breakthroughs and learning from Tony Robbins, and he had 40,000 people come together in a zoom call, if you will, in whatever he worked out with Zoom and the owners of Zoom, to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in training in our lives.

I was fascinated by the whole thing, from the technology, to the way he taught, to the way he got us into a peak state. I did everything he told me to do and as I did what he told me to do to get into peak state, I thought about the ways that I use energy to get in a peak state. I was happy to jump, and to listen to the music, and to really engage and to express myself with my voice, and I understand at a very deep level, at a primal level also, how that moves our energy, and I also understand quantum ways to get ourselves into a peak state. So I did all the things that Tony Robbins recommended while I was in his training and don't you know, the first thing Monday morning when I woke up was I was using my energetic technologies to bring myself into a peak state. I found that it felt different, that the peak state that I was in, felt different than the one that I was in when I was with 40,000 other people, and a lot of sound, and a lot of music, and a lot of energy, and yet, I still got the same results.

So there's always many ways to do something and I'm always curious to learn new ways to do things and I'm really grateful for my experience with the Tony Robbins seminar and all the things I learned and I'm really grateful that I have a quieter, more gentle way to bring myself into peak state. Because when I'm going to sit down and I'm writing a chapter of my book, I really have a different peak state that I choose over one where there's a lot of sound and a lot of me activating my body, with my voice, and loud sounds and a lot of movement. There's times for me when a peak state is an energetic one, where my mind, my body, and my spirit are aligned and I've been able to do that very well and very simply with energy technologies. I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where everything is energy

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