Connie Kean, Energy Practitioner

Connie Kean is a Spiritual Visionary; whose mission is to Raise the Collective Consciousness to Peaceful Co-Existence.

After a near death experience in 1994, Connie began looking for alternative forms of healing. Living in Indonesia at the time, she started studying Reiki, Yoga, and Meditation as taught in the ancient traditions of the Far East.

Connie brought her 25-year career as an Energy Practitioner and her 40-year career of teaching music together to create Quantum Energy Infusion, a course for students to engage with and benefit from the field of Energy.

Her Masters in Music and experience teaching piano, theory, performance, and developing curriculum prepared her to build this educational platform. Her Certifications and practice of Energy Medicine, Tapping, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, and Quantum Energy qualifies her to be an Energy Instructor.



Emotions are energy-in-motion

so it makes sense to use energetic technologies and techniques to process our emotions!

Connie has spent most of her life exploring the different faith traditions from around the world in search of Truth. This makes it possible for her to communicate clearly that Everything is Energy to each student regardless of their background/ perception/ belief system.

On a personal note, Connie knows what it means to have her energy scattered between 2 careers, 2 kids, 2 pets, 2 grandkids, 2 aging parents, and 9 moves while following her husband’s career in the oil and gas industry. Her life is the testing ground and the inspiration for the development of Quantum Energy Infusion.

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"I will be 66 years young and since participating in Connie Keanʼs Quantum Energy Infusion Course, I feel as if the brain fog has been lifted and my body is alive! Now, with clarity I feel my full energy, mind, body and spirit."

Pippi Ardennia
Vocalist/ Songwriter

"Quantum Energy Infusion has given me the tools to navigate my energy at any moment of my life. This class has been a great blessing in my life as I now get to use these movements to bring myself back into alignment. A beautiful tool in self-mastery."

Stacie Hart
Moments by Hart Photograpy

"The energy tools and technologies I learned in Quantum Energy Infusion are practical and easy to implement. They help you stay centered, grounded, and aligned. The transformation I experienced from integrating these tools into my life is nothing short of amazing. I experience heart-openings on a daily basis!"

Kathryn Eriksen
Money Mindset Coach,

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