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The Power of Resonance


The Power of Resonance.

Resonance is actually a frequency or a vibration. And there's a really cool thing about resonance that happens.

I'm a Music Teacher, and I've worked with tuning forks. Let's say you hit an "A" and the tuning fork was vibrating out the frequency of the pitch "A".

Let's say there's another one, that's also an "A" tuning fork. If you brought that tuning fork into the region of this other tuning fork that's already vibrating, it would cause the 2nd tuning fork to vibrate.

That is the Power of Resonance.

The Power of Frequency and Vibration, especially as it moves through the Quantum Field in the atmosphere.

So the frequency, the power of resonance, has to do with us and what our frequency is, along with the idea of "how do I resonate out into the world?".

Well, the higher your frequency, the difference you're going to feel to other people.

Let's think back to Dr. David Hawkins, Map of Consciousness, and how you can vibrate at 20, which is the frequency of Shame.

You can vibrate at 200, which is Courage, you can vibrate at the frequency of 350, which is Acceptance, or 500, which is Unconditional Love.

If you think about those Levels of Consciousness, those different frequencies are a different resonance that you are putting out into the world around you.

How many times have you seen me do my beloved Infinity Weave

How can we take our resonance and send it out into the world around us? How can we strengthen our own Energy Field, or Bio-field, and have that resonate out and emanate out into the collective?

If you want an Energy Exercise to do all of this, it would be the Infinity Weave.

That would be the one that I would encourage you to use to increase the power of your resonance, because you're strengthening your Auric Field that emanates out from you and expresses into the Collective.

So this idea of Resonance, well, who cares?

The Frequency at which you vibrate, or the way that you resonate outward, is how people perceive you. It's how they receive you. It's how they experience the Energy of you before they can even touch you.

Or maybe even see you as the power of your resonance emanates out into your Auric Field and their Auric Field picks up the power of resonance in your auric field. That's why it matters.

If you love to talk about the Law of Attraction, like so many people do, the Law of Attraction is actually based on Resonance. Like attracts like. That's another way to say it.

So if you are choosing to bring some high-vibrating experiences into your life, first, you get to be the high-vibrating individual that's expressing outward into the field and attracting other like-frequency resonances into your experience.

Those experiences have a frequency about them. Those people have a frequency about them. And you will be attracting those based on your own frequency.

The Power of Resonance.

It's really worth thinking about, and it's really worth working with your frequency so that you're resonating out the way that you want to be perceived.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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